How to cite AWI-CM and it's contrubutions to CMIP6.

For information on citation of individual datasets, see section on CMIP6 experiments.

AWI-CM model itself:

Sidorenko, D., Rackow, T., Jung, T., Semmler, T., Barbi ,D., Danilov, S., Dethloff ,K., Dorn, W., Fieg, K., Goessling, H. F., Handorf, D., Harig, S.,  Hiller, W.,  Juricke, S., Losch, M.,  Schröter, J.,  Sein,  D. V., Wang, Q., (2015). Towards multi-resolution global climate modeling with ECHAM6–FESOM. Part I: model formulation and mean climate. Climate Dynamics, 44(3-4), 757-780.

Rackow, T., Goessling, H. F., Jung, T., Sidorenko, D., Semmler, T., Barbi, D., & Handorf, D. (2016). Towards multi-resolution global climate modeling with ECHAM6-FESOM. Part II: climate variability. Climate Dynamics, 1-26.

AWI-CM DECK and ScenarioMIP simulations:

Semmler, T., Danilov, S., Gierz, P., Goessling, H. F., Hegewald, J., Hinrichs, C., et al. (2020). Simulations for CMIP6 with the AWI climate model AWI‐CM‐1‐1. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12, e2019MS002009.