Meeting agenda

FESOM days 2020, 7.12
Thomas JungIntroduction
Dmitry SidorenkoPreparing the FESOM2 roadmap
Sergey DanilovPlans for numerical part
Gerrit lohmannOverview of AWI-ESM activities at the paleoclimate dynamics group
Paul GierzFESOM Developments from AWI-Paleodyn: Interactive coupling of ice sheets and iceberg interaction.
Pengyang SongThe effect of tide motions in FESOM2
Judith HauckOcean biogeochemistry in FESOM-REcoM - Development and applications
Jan StreffingAdvances in AWICM3 coupling
Thomas RackowOn the way to a coupled Digital Twin - DYAMOND simulations with IFS-FESOM2
Dmitry SeinExtreme resolutions
Tido SemmlerAWI-CM in CMIP6 and CMIP7
Jan HegewaldAsynchronous I/O -- FESOM six times faster

FESOM days 2020, 8.12
Patrick ScholzNew vertical geometric features implemented into FESOM2.0 (partial cells, floating sea ice, cavity)
Claudia WekerleRegional Ice-Ocean studies in the Arctic and Antarctic with FESOM (RIO)
Vera FofonovaFESOM-C: seamless modelling across the scales
Patrick ScholzThe available vertical mixing parameterization in FESOM2.0
Stephan JurickeDevelopment of energetically consistent closures in FESOM2: Reducing model biases by improving physics
Lorenzo ZampieriIcepack: a set of new sea-ice sub-grid parameterizations for FESOM2
Qiang WangUnderstanding Arctic changes by employing FESOM
Frank KaukerApplication of FESOM2 in the sea ice section: from process studies to seasonal predictions
Lars Nerger/Helge GoesslingData assimilation developments with FESOM and PDAF
Natalja RakowskyFESOM - on the road to ExaScale
Dmitry SidorenkoOnline diagnostics
Nikolay KoldunovTools for data handling and visualization