FESOM related models.

This section provides information about different versions of FESOM models, and modelling systems where FESOM is one of the key components:

  • FESOM1.4 - older, finite element version of FESOM. Active development phase is over, but it's still used in many current research. It is the version that is used in CMIP6 simulations, so if this is what you interested in, see our CMIP6 section.
  • FESOM2 - latest, finite volume version of FESOM. This is where all active FESOM development is happening right now.
  • FESIM - Finite-Element Sea Ice Model is formulated on triangular meshes and is generally used as a part of FESOM.
  • AWI-CM - AWI Climate Model consists of the atmospheric model ECHAM6 and the FESOM1.4. For information on CMIP6 experiments performed with this model, see our spetial section.
  • AWI-ESM - AWI Earth System Model is an extension of the AWI-CM for earth system modelling. Include several additional earth system components.
  • FESOM-C - Coastal branch of FESOM2. It is developed to focus on smaller scales than FESOM and on physical and dynamical processes commonly not accounted in the large-scale models.